Classic frames,
ranke windows, stylish steel

Steel doors & frames.
Classic in a modern jacket.

The ‘industrial style’ is completely hot. Both in renovated buildings and in modern projects, slim steel frames and doors, railings and balustrades provide a sturdy elegant look. Simply Steel is specialized in:

Simply Steel tells an authentic story

Steel is strong, durable, crafty, maintenance-friendly and gives a building project extra character

Steel concepts

Simply steel is specialized in steek interior- and exteriorconcepts: From slim in- and outdoor frames to steel doors and windows. The products from simply steel are custom made and can be finished in different ways.

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Picture: steel patio, steel doors, steel window frames and steel roof light in one image.

Slim, slender windows and doors made from steel

Back to the feeling of the building style from 1920-1940

Co-working with architectural agencies, including Kabaz

Architectural firm Kabaz is located in one of Laren’s (dutch town) most beautiful places, at Brink 9. At first, the building was not architectural, but after a thorough renovation in collaboration with Simply Steel, ‘De Gooi’ is a pearl richer.

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Dimension & Drawing

The sizes are measured by our service team or supplied by the customer. Subsequently, the technical drawing is provided and submitted for inspection.


Based on the of the approved technical drawing, the production is getting started.


The steel windows and frames are powder coated and delivered in a desired RAL color.


The pockets are mounted in a correct setup by the client. Installation can take place after floors and walls are finished.

Glass supply

After mounting the steel frame, the glass is placed on the spot by means of glass lime (putty paint look) or glued steel glass slates.


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29 September 2017

Beer, brewing boilers and steel

The smell of Belgian meat stew and home-brewed beer will welcome you when you come visit our latest project at Slot Oostende in Goes. Between the churches and with an...
6 June 2017

Spant! converted into theater with metropolitan character

A hypermodern theater annex conference center in a quiet residential area. That is the result of the big-scale renovation of Theater Spant! in Bussum. Simply Steel co-operated with the architectural...
prachtige stalen buitenkozijnen landelijk huis News
5 June 2017

Industrial architecture

This beautiful farm is a feast for the eye. The house contains steel outside and inside doors & window frames, steel door handles in the kitchen and a steel display...

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